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Mambo Wallet makes it easy to pay - in stores, online or to anyone in the world with your email or mobile number. It works with any debit or credit card, on every mobile carrier.

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Why Mambo Wallet?

Join the more than 300,000 happy customers using Mambo Wallet around the world.

All your payment Solutions in one place

With Mambo Wallet get all your payment solutions in one integrated platform that offers convinience by allowing you to manage all your accounts in one central location thus avoiding the hassle of figuring out which provider to use.

Automated Payment Sheduling

Mambo Wallet comes in handy when you have those tight deadlines to beat or handling recurring payments eg weekly Payouts, by making it simpler and easier to schedule payments, to be executed at a later time while you sit back and focus on building your business.

Batch Payment Processing

Need to send money to a group of people? Well Mambo Wallet has you covered, allowing you to setup a mass payout to be processed all at once in an instant.

Interactive Real time Reports & Analytics

Mambo Wallet transforms your transactional data into highly interactive dashboards, charts, embedded analytics and downloadable reports to help you gain deeper insight into your transactions and enable you make more informed decisions.

HR & Payroll Module

Mambo Wallet has a HR & Payroll feature that makes the tiresome process of managing employee records and salary payouts a thing of the past. Paired with the batch payment and scheduling features your payroll workload is significantly reduced to let you focus on growing your business.

I simply Love Mambo Wallet, its amazing how i can manage all my payments online, all in one place.

Steve Chege Nairobi, Kenya

This is one of the best paper-less transaction experience i've come across. Works Flawlessly.

Catherine Chebet Mombasa, Kenya

Mambo Wallet has completely transformed how i get paid as freelance graphic designer by clients from all over the world.

Edwin Jomo Nairobi, Kenya

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Here's a brief video walkthrough tour of Mambo Wallet to help you get your bearings and gain a better understanding of how it works and the power it holds in its ability to completely transform your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started choose your pricing plan and Create an Account or opt for a 30 day FREE trial at no charge. To create an account simply provide your email address and phone number and a password to secure your account. All details provided are kept private and are subject to our Privacy Policy.
Standard carrier charges apply on different transactions.
You can send money to anyone with an email address or mobile number.Here’s how:
   1. Click Send Money on your dashboard.
   2. Select Transfer Option.
   3. Fill out the necessary details.
   4. Confirm the information then click Send Money Now.
Absolutely NOT! We have a dedicated support team and automated security feature that allows you to reset your password via email or mobile phone number to ensure you have complete access to your account at all times. You also have the option to change your current password at any time of your choosing. We advice you to use a memorable but strong password to ensure your account stays secure.
Linking your credit card to Mambo Wallet is as easy as:
   1. Click Link Card on your dashboard.
   2. Click the Add Card Button.
   3. Fill in your card details.
   4. Click Save and voila! Youre Done.
With Mambo Wallet you can seamlessly integrate your Visa and MasterCard, for payments, or choose to Link Directly to your Bank Account which is simpler and more convinient for you. You can add as many cards as you wish and We are however working round the clock to integrate more solutions to this feature to cover credit card service providers.
Depending on the type of transfer it ranges from instant transfers for Mobile Money to an estimate of 1 business day for Bank Transfers. These estimates are subject to change and could be longer incase of errors or on weekends for bank transfers.
To get payments, you may recieve funds from someone directly to your account and you'll get notified of the payment. You could also send a request for payment directly from Mambo Wallet or Issue an Invoice that outlines the products and amount owed.

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